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Harmony Audio HA-AK8 Car Stereo Complete 8 Gauge 900W Amp Amplifier Install Kit - Nickel

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Harmony Audio HA-AK8 Car Stereo Complete 8 Gauge 900W Amp Amplifier Install Kit - Nickel
Harmony Audio HA-AK8 Car Stereo Complete 8 Gauge 900W Amp Amplifier Install Kit - Nickel

Feed your car audio amp clean power

Similar to having the right tool for the job its also critical to have the correct size power cable to install a car amplifier. To keep things simple Harmony Audio produces four amp kit varieties which include a 10, 8, 4 and 1/0 Gauge models that range in power from 600 watts to a massive 3000 watt amp kit that can feed even the most power hungry amp. Each amp kit includes everything you need for a clean professional installation and you save money at the same time by purchasing all of the install components at once.

The perfect power cable

One of the hardest things about installing a car audio system is typically routing the power cable through the firewall and then fitting it around and under trim panels. Harmony Audio offers an easy solution to this with our ultra flexible matte cable which can be bent into just about any shape while still carrying a high amperage load thanks to the woven core design. Not only is the cable easy to install but the stranded fiber ensures the maximum current transfer and the matte blue and black finish will look great in any vehicle.

The fuse and fuse holder

A fuseholder is the heart of a car audio system and without the proper size fuse you could easily damage your amplifier or worse it could cause an electrical fire. Harmony Audio amp kits include ANL fuseholders in the 1/0 and 4 gauge amp kits which are the industry standard for high amperage 12 volt applications and the included clear cover protects the cable. The 8 and 10 gauge amp kits include mini ANL fuseholders which you simply wont find in any other brand near this price range. Our amp kits have a clearly marked maximum wattage handling on the front of the packaging and each kit includes the correct rated fuse to meet the rating so you can be confident your amplifier will have all the amperage it needs.

Connecting it all together

In addition to powering your amplifier you will also need to turn it on and off and feed it audio signal which is where the included remote wire and RCA cables come into play. The included cables are long enough to reach to the back of about any vehicle and feature the same ultra flexible technology as the power cable. Each Harmony Audio amp kit also includes multiple ring and spade terminals along with screws for mounting your amplifier and wire ties to keep everything looking clean. Speaking of a clean install the included wire loom will keep the power cable safe from the elements and provide a factory look in your engine bay. Last but not least don't forget about the speaker wire it will deliver all the power you need.


  • 17FT Flexible Matte Blue 8GA Power Cable
  • 3FT Flexible Matte Black 8GA Power Cable
  • 20FT Flexible Matte Blue 16GA Speaker Wire
  • 17FT Flexible Matte Gray & Black RCA Cable
  • 17FT Flexible Matte Blue Remote Wire
  • 6FT Split Loom
  • Mini ANL Fuse Holder
  • 80 Amp Mini ANL Fuse
  • (2) 8GA Blue & Black 5/16" Ring Terminals
  • (2) 8GA Blue & Black Spade Terminals
  • (5) 16GA Blue & Black Spade Terminals
  • (4) Pan Head Screws
  • (10) Wire Ties
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Apr 16, 2021

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