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Audio Barrier Sound Damping Car Door Kit (4) 12 x 36 (12 SQ FT) Dampening Sheets W/ Roller

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If you look at the graph above you will see we only compare our material to other brands that use butyl rubber as a base. As you can see we provide the thickest material, most square feet & the lowest price compared to top brands. Brands that use asphalt like FatMat, Sound Destroyer, & Rattle Trap sacrifice quality to cut costs. These brands are not even in the same league as major brands, so we dont even include them in our comparison.

Thickness matters just like with wire. With Wire you are paying for the copper inside and with Sound Damping you are paying for the thickness of the rubber. The more material the better the damping factor. You would have to apply up to 3 layers of some of our competitors material to equal one layer of ours.

So why does it matter what type of material your sound damping mat is made from? Sound damping material is broken down into two materials. Butyl Rubber and Asphalt based mixes.

If you look closely most of the cheaper brands use asphalt based material which in the long term will not hold together as well as rubber butyl and it also has a foul smell that will never leave your vehicle. On the other hand rubber butyl leaves no trace of odor and has better elastic properties to extend durability. Besides who wants their vehicle to smell like a road construction project?

You wouldn't dump this in your interior would you?

Only the best belongs in your vehicle!

If the vibration of the door panel is louder than your speakers you have came to the right place. This Audio Barrier door kit will eliminate the rattles and vibrations that rob your speakers sound quality. The kit includes (4) 12x36 dampening sheets which is easily enough to cover two doors. For maximum coverage Audio Barrier recommends installing the material on both the inside and outside skin of the door panel and using 4 sheets per door.

The material features a peel and stick design which allows for a simple yet effective installation that is guaranteed to stay in place regardless if it is exposed to the extreme winter chill or summer scorching heat. The material is a butyl rubber based compound and not the cheap asphalt terrible smelling based material found in many other sound damping brands.

This material also features an aluminum backed front which features the Audio Barrier logo stamped onto it. The purpose of the aluminum is to allow for both heat dissipation and to help keep the material properly held and formed into place. The most important stand out feature is the material is 1.78 mm which compared to other brands is up to three times as thick as our competitors! In simpler terms the thicker the material the quieter and cooler the ride!

Audio Barrier Quick Facts Why buy from us?

  • We use rubber butyl material not asphalt like out competitors. Remember asphalt is for driving on, not for the inside of your car!
  • Our material is 1.78mm thick. Some of our competitors material is as thin as 0.50mm
  • Our material is guaranteed to stick and not fall off the door panel the same day you install it like the other cheaper brands.
  • Our material features an aluminum back which both dissipates heat and helps mold the material into place.
  • We include a FREE sound damping roller with every purchase. (a $15 value)
Audio Barrier Sound Damping Car Door Kit (4) 12" x 36" (12 SQ FT) Dampening Sheets W/ Roller
SKU: Door Kit
  • Audio Barrier Door Kit (4) 12" x 36" (12 SQ FT) Sound Damping Sheets
  • 4 Sheets 12" x "36 Each (12 Square Feet)
  • Perfect amount for covering a single door (inner & outer), or both doors (outer only)
  • Made from Butyl Rubber
  • Aluminum backing to withstand extreme temperatures
  • 0.067" (1.778 mm , 70 mil) Thickness
  • Self-Adhesive for easy installation
What's in the Box:
  • 4 Sheets 12" x "36 Each (12 Square Feet)
  • Installation Instruction Sheet
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