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Zildjian LV8018CR-S Low Volume L80 Practice 18 Crash or Ride Cymbal - Brand New! With ZKEY

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Zildjian L80 Low Volume cymbals are real cymbals that play at a reduced volume ?Çö up to 80% less volume ?Çö thanks to a unique perforated pattern. This means you can play them exactly how you play any other cymbal, using any stick, mallet, or brush in your stick bag.

Unlike cymbals with foam mutes, the 18" Zildjian L80 crash?áis vibrant and responsive and will make your precious practice hours translate into better performances. It's the obvious solution for quiet rehearsals and late-night practice at home. Get real cymbal feel and sound at a reduced volume with the 18" Zildjian L80 Low Volume crash.

Our new multi-tool drum key features drum key bit attached to a 4mm hex wrench, a 3mm hex wrench, and a Phillips head screwdriver. The drum key bit is removable to use the 4mm hex wrench. The assembly and tools are made out of steel for durability and the frame has a black finish with gold Zildjian logo!

Zildjian LV8018CR-S Low Volume L80 Practice 18" Crash or Ride Cymbal - Brand New! With ZKEY
  • Type: Crash / Ride
  • Size: 18"
  • Finish: Matte
  • Volume: Low
  • Sold AS: Single Cymbal
  • Multi-Tool Drum Key
  • Includes Drum Key bit
  • 3mm and 4mm hex wrenches
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Drum key bit is removable to use the 4mm hex wrench
  • Assembly and tools are steel made for extra durability
  • Frame has black finish
  • Comes with gold Zildjian logo
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