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Harmony Audio HA-PION16B Pioneer Aftermarket Stereo Replacement 16 Pin Radio Wire Harness

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Harmony Audio HA-PION16B Pioneer Aftermarket Stereo Replacement 16 Pin Radio Wire Harness
Harmony Audio HA-PION16B Pioneer Aftermarket Stereo Replacement 16 Pin Radio Wire Harness

Replacing an Aftermarket Radio harness

We offer a wide selection of replacement harnesses for aftermarket radios for brands including Alpine, Clarion, JVC, Kenwood, Panasonic, Pioneer and Sony. Our replacement harnesses are the exact same quality as the original harness just at a much lower price.

The right harness for the right radio

Please be sure to review the application guide below for this harness as it will fit multiple radio models. This harness is a 16 pin model please be sure to review the image of the pin configuration and compare it to the plug socket on your radio to ensure its a match.


  • Simply plug and play installation
  • Clearly marked color coded wires
  • Ideal for any aftermarket radio
  • 18 gauge high quality wire
  • Direct OEM fit connection
  • 16 Pin harness

Application Guide:

  • Pioneer DEH-150MP
  • Pioneer DEH-2500UI
  • Pioneer DEH-X5500HD
  • Pioneer DEH-X2600UI
  • Pioneer DEH-X3600UI
  • Pioneer DEH-DEH-6500BT
  • Pioneer DEH-X65BT
  • Pioneer DXT-2569UI
  • Pioneer FH-X700BT
  • Pioneer DEH-1300MP
  • Pioneer DEH-2400UB
  • Pioneer DEH-3400UB
  • Pioneer DEH-5
  • Pioneer DEH-6
  • Pioneer DEH-7
  • Pioneer DEH-11E
  • Pioneer DEH-15
  • Pioneer DEH-16
  • Pioneer DEH-17
  • Pioneer DEH-27
  • Pioneer DEH-27MP
  • Pioneer DEH-270
  • Pioneer DEH-1100MP
  • Pioneer DEH-1500
  • Pioneer DEH-1600
  • Pioneer DEH-1650
  • Pioneer DEH-1700
  • Pioneer DEH-1800
  • Pioneer DEH-1900MP
  • Pioneer DEH-2100IB
  • Pioneer DEH-2700
  • Pioneer DEH-2800MP
  • Pioneer DEH-3700MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P25
  • Pioneer DEH-P26
  • Pioneer DEH-P35
  • Pioneer DEH-P45MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P250
  • Pioneer DEH-P310UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P350
  • Pioneer DEH-P350MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P360
  • Pioneer DEH-P370MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P390MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P400UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P401HD
  • Pioneer DEH-P410UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P450MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P460MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P470MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P480MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P490IB
  • Pioneer DEH-P500UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P510UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P550MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P560MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P570MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P600UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P650
  • Pioneer DEH-P660
  • Pioneer DEH-P670MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P750MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P760MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P770MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P2500
  • Pioneer DEH-P2600
  • Pioneer DEH-P2900MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P3000IB
  • Pioneer DEH-P3500
  • Pioneer DEH-P3550MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P3600
  • Pioneer DEH-P3700
  • Pioneer DEH-P3700MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P3800MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P4000UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P4100UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P4500MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P4600MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P4700MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P4800MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P4900IB
  • Pioneer DEH-P5000UB
  • Pioneer DEH-P5500MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P5600MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P5650MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P5700MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P6500
  • Pioneer DEH-P6600
  • Pioneer DEH-P6700MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P7500MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P7600MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P7650MP
  • Pioneer DEH-P7700MP
  • Pioneer DEH-SP033
  • Pioneer DEH-SP041
  • Pioneer DEH-SP043
  • Pioneer DEH-SP045
  • Pioneer DEH-SP052
  • Pioneer DEH-SP053
  • Pioneer FH-P4200MP
  • Pioneer DEH-X4600BT
  • Pioneer DEH-X5600HD
  • Pioneer DEH-X6600BS
  • Pioneer FX-H500UI
  • Pioneer FX-H700BT
  • Pioneer DEH-X3700UI
  • Pioneer DEH-X3700S
  • Pioneer DEH-X4700BT
  • Pioneer DEH-X5700HD
  • Pioneer DEH-X6700BT
  • Pioneer DEH-X6700BS
  • Pioneer DEH-X7600HD
  • Pioneer DEH-X8600BS
  • Pioneer DEH-X8600BH
  • Pioneer DEH-X9600BHS
  • Pioneer FH-X520UI
  • Pioneer FH-X720BT
  • Pioneer FH-P800BT
  • Pioneer FH-P8000BT
  • Pioneer DEH-2000MP

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Apr 8, 2021

when I tell you it was fast , it was fast! Ordered , shipped same day and was delivered the next day!

Exact item

Mar 16, 2023

Item was exactly as specified and came quickly.

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