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Dean Guitars is committed to producing the finest guitars in the world. Since 1977, our iconic Dean Electric Guitars, Basses, Acoustics, and other musical instruments are made following the highest standards in the industry. We truly make a guitar for everyone. From beginners on a budget to the accomplished musician looking for an extremely dynamic, high-performance guitar, we make guitars that's just perfect for you. HiFiSoundConnection is proud to be an official distributor of Dean Guitars - Road Tested and Artist Approved. It is not just a brand, its a music lifestyle!

Dean Guitars
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Legendary Dean Guitars offers a wide range of models to choose from covering everything from Acoustic to Heavy Metal Guitars and everything else in between all designed to bring out the best in any musician!


Everybody knows the bassist lays down the rhythm for the band forming the backbone of the music. Dean Guitars offers a wide range of models to choose from delivering the groove needed to move the crowd. Check out the selection of bass models to choose from including the Artist Signatures, Metal, Edge, Electric, Fretless, Acoustic and Starter pack series models. All Dean Bass Guitar models offer uncompromised quality and performance ready for any gig.


Front and center lead guitar brings the show to life! Dean Guitars know this better than anyone offering a huge selection of different guitar series to choose from that deliver performance that simply cant be found elsewhere. Dean Electric Guitars offers everything from custom made to order guitars to starter packs for beginners. The complete Dean Guitar line includes the Artist Signatures, Dean Custom Run, Classic, Standard, Baby and Starter Pack Series ensuring regardless of who you are or how you play we have the perfect guitar for you.


Nothing beats the sound clarity of a Dean Acoustic Guitar and we talking about 50+ different models to choose from! Whether you just play on weekends or everyday in a band Dean offers a guitar that you can relay on for unmatched performance. The huge lineup of Dean Acoustic Guitar models includes the Independent, Exotica, Traditional, Performer / Artist, Classical and Starter pack series to choose from matching any price point or playing style.


Thought Dean just made guitars for the heavy rock & metal crowd? Dean also offers solutions for bluegrass and country musicians! We have a selection of Folk Series guitars to choose from include Banjos, Mandolins and Resonator guitars to choose from.


Every great musician has to start somewhere however that doesn't mean you cant start with one of the best Guitar brands in the world! Dean Guitars offers a selection of packages to choose from that include everything a beginner needs to start cranking out some tunes at a price that simply cannot be beat!

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