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HiFiSoundConnection Make Offer Policy

The HiFiSoundConnection make offer system allows users to make an offer in order to emulate the bartering process that may take place over the phone or in-person. Only three offers are allowed per 24-hours per item. If three unsuccessful offers are made you will be blocked from making any additional offers on that item for 24-hours.

Our make offer system collects the following information:
  • Our make offer system uses cookies to keep track of your shopping cart.
  • Our make offer system tracks your IP address to prevent price comparison.
When using our make offer system, you agree to the rules for buyers and that:
  • Should your offer be accepted you are required to consummate the sale by sending full payment to HiFiSoundConnection.
  • You may not mask, hide, or change your IP address in order to make more than three offers within a 24-hour period.
Violating the Make Offer Policy may result in a range of consequences including but not limited to blocking you from viewing our website, or blocking you from making any more offers.