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Topic: Kicker Refurbished

Kicker Refurbished Subwoofers & Amplifiers

So lets say you decide you would like to run a Kicker system but you are strapped for cash or you want to push your dollar to the maximum value. Well a good place to start looking is Kicker refurbished products. One of the most common questions we receive is: What exactly is a Kicker refurbished product? Well in short. It will perform exactly the same as a new product, at roughly half the price of new plus Kicker (the manufacturer) does the actual rebuild (Factory Refurbished). Sounds pretty good right? We thought so too.

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Subwoofer - Amplifier

So the next question is where does Kicker refurbished product come from? Anytime a dealer, retailer, or an individual sends an item in for warranty support, Kicker will stockpile that returned item into holding area until they have sufficient stock to start rebuilding them. The great thing about Kicker refurbished is its rebuilt right here in the USA. Kicker rebuilds all of their products in Stillwater, Oklahoma which just happens to be their headquarters. What does this mean for you? Since Kicker chooses to rebuild their own products they can guarantee the quality, precision and durability that you would come to expect from them. In fact we so confident in the refurbished product we would put them up against any Kicker new subwoofer or amplifier and always expect the exact same performance. Of course in case there ever is a problem with a subwoofer or amplifier a factory 90 day warranty is included with every Kicker refurbished product.
Kicker Refurbished Subwoofers

The process of rebuilding a Kicker subwoofer starts of course with a bad subwoofer.
Blown Subwoofer
As soon as Kicker has large stocks of a particular model such a 12 L5 they begin by striping the subwoofer down. This process will include removing the gasket, rubber surround. Kicker Subwoofer Cone
Removing the cone and disassembly of the lower end of the woofer. (Voice coil assembly and tinsel leads) Removing Square Kicker Cone
Once all the moving parts are removed only the basket, top plate, magnet, and yoke are reused for the new rebuild. Kicker L7 Basket
Each subwoofer is thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any bends or damage to the basket which could possibly compromise performance. Once the subwoofer is cleaned and prepared brand new parts are installed in the exact opposite order, the woofer is then tested to ensure it is perfect in terms of performance and sound quality. Once testing is complete the woofers are then repackaged and sold. Factory Refurbished Kicker Subwoofer
Kicker Refurbished Amplifiers

A refurbished Kicker amplifier.
Bad Kicker Amplifier
The amps share a similar process to the subwoofer however instead of stripping the amplifier down to the base platform. A Kicker technician will test each individual amplifier using both a computer and their own personal knowledge to pinpoint the specific issue with the amplifier. For instance if they are rebuilding a Kicker ZX1500.1 they will first visually inspect the circuit board to identify a visual sign of damage. Circuit Board Kicker Amplifier
From there the amplifier is connected and the circuits are tested until the source of the problem is found. An example would be a bad capacitor. Bad Capacitor on a Kicker Amplifier
Once the issue is identified a Kicker technician will either repair or replace the damaged section of the amplifier. After that is complete the amplifier is again tested to make sure there are not any additional problems that will need to be addressed. If everything checks out the amplifier is then powered up and is put though a rigorous set of sound quality and performance tests to ensure the amplifiers meets the Kicker quality standard. Once the amp passes the check, a birth sheet (power certificate) is assigned to the amplifier and it is sent to packaging. Factory Refurbished Kicker Amplifier

Some of the Kicker amplifiers will have minor cosmetic related issues such as small surface scratches or minor dents but nothing that will affect the overall performance. Nine out ten amplifiers look perfect and appear brand new.

Overall purchasing refurbished Kicker products is an excellent value and will allow you to get the most from your system without breaking the bank. Hifisoundconnection is an authorized Kicker reseller and we are one of the largest Kicker refurbished product dealers. Remember whether you are looking for Kicker subs or amps all refurbished product includes a 90 day warranty and feature the legendary Kicker quality which no one can beat.

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